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Trying some Harry Potter Recipes – Kreacher’s Onion Soup

During the last year I’ve developed an unlikely kind of love for food. Now I’m not only in love with eating it, but I’m actually really enjoying the process of cooking it.

I had been trying to incorporate this new cooking love to my blog when I stumbled with my copy of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Bucholz . And it felt just right to blog about trying out the food inside the Wizarding World!

Now you might be thinking “Why did she choose Onion Soup among all the magical Harry Potter food?. Well, first of all, because the recipe was in my book and I was craving soup.* 

* I’m always craving soup, though.

But, most importantly, because this is not any onion soup. This is Kreacher’s French Onion Soup. And I can’t think of any other version of this dish I would rather try.

Why?” You might say. Oh, I’m so glad you asked!

Remember when Harry, Ron and Hermione were staying at Grimmauld Place and had to deal with Kreacher’s attitude? And they got to understand him a little and then gave him Regulus’s locket? He was so happy to have something from his old master back!

I never really blamed him for his bad manners because that’s how the Black family molded him to be. And after receiving kindness from Harry, his mood improved so much! He started cleaning and cooking delicious food, including a pot of French onion soup.

That’s why I feel so bad when I remember that scene before going to the Ministry of Magic to steal Umbridge’s locket. Kreacher promises the trio to have a pie waiting for them when they return. Except they never return to Grimmauld Place. And I can’t help picturing Kreacher waiting for his master to return. 😥

But it warms my heart knowing that Harry’s kindness made him a better elf. We even got to see him leading the house-elves at the Battle of Hogwarts.

Fight! Fight for my master, the defender of the house-elves! Fight the Dark Lord, in the name of brave Regulus! Fight!” —Kreacher leading the house-elves

So I really think we all need to try Kreacher’s French onion soup and maybe dedicate him an exaggerated amount of compliments. Because I’m pretty sure he never got complimented on his delicious food.


  • 4 medium onions
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 1 baguette
  • 1/2 grated Parmesan cheese (I used Oaxaca cheese)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
  • 6 cups beef stock

** From The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Buchholz ©2010 Adams Media. 

Pretty simple ingredients, right? But the final product is so delicious! (And I’m not saying it just because I have a soft spot for house-elves).

I actually had to make this recipe twice because I didn’t brown the onions enough the first time. It was delicious both times, but if the onions don’t turn brown, the soup will end up transparent instead of…. well, brown. And I wanted it to look pretty in the pictures. The flavor didn’t change much though.


So after browning the onions, all the ingredients (apart from the cheese and baguette) went into the pot. And then I waited for as long as I was able, until I the urge to eat was too strong.***

And ta-da! The result was a delicious cauldron of heart-warming soup.

*** The instructions might be kinda vague, but every onion soup recipe I’ve read recommends simmering from about 40 -90 minutes. The longer you wait, the better. Besides, I don’t want to disclose the complete recipe because that wouldn’t be fair for the author of the book.

The baguette is to make croutons. I just served the soup in my cauldron, added a slice of bread and topped it with Oaxaca cheese (I think almost any cheese would work). Then I put it in the oven for around 10 minutes and it melted and looked so cool!

I laughed when my boyfriend tried it and said that this soup was as good as he had ever tasted. Literally the same thing written in the book 😛

We were both pretty happy to add Kreacher’s soup into our weekly menu! We will also think about it him every time we make it.

Also, since this recipe was a success I’m planning to write 6 more blog posts about Harry Potter recipes (to make it 7, the Harry Potter number 😉 ).

Some of them will come from this book and others will be my own creations. I’ll post one every Monday from now on!

I got The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook on Amazon for $12.20

The ceramic Harry Potter cauldron mug is also from Amazon, it was $17.60

Note: If you shop from these links I might get a commission!

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    This is awesome! I cannot wait to see what other recipes you make! And those cauldron- so freaking cute!

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