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I made Game of Thrones Direwolf Bread

Are guys more prone to eat bread in the colder months, or am I just out of control? Either way, I've been baking a lot of treats lately which helped me realize something of significance for you and me: any combination of wholewheat flour, butter and honey is guaranteed to provide mouthwatering results. That's why I practically ran to the kitchen when my friend Mikaella sent me this book in the mail. (Thank you so much, Mika!) So, A Game of Scones by Jammy Lannister is a parody book with mostly silly recipes to make fun of Game of Thrones characters. But even though most recipes look AWFUL (looking at you, Oberyn's Smashing Surprise - SEASON 4 SPOILERS!!), they're actually well explained and seem good enough to eat. And when I got to the page with the Direwolf Bread, I knew I HAD to make it. 

Star Wars Recipes – BB-8 Pull Apart Bread

I wanted to make some Star Wars recipes because it's December and The Last Jedi will be out in less than two weeks (YAY) and I came up with this BB-8 Pull Apart Bread idea while watching Japanese baking channels on Youtube. They call this kind of baked treat "Chigiri Pan", because you're supposed to…

Fantastic Beasts Queenie’s Apple Strudel – Making Harry Potter Food Again!

Was anyone looking for a Fall dessert recipe? I was, especially since it's apple-picking season and I've been seeing apples practically everywhere.  Also, not gonna lie, I LOVED doing that Harry Potter Food series last summer and have missed it so much! I had been considering making Queenie's Apple Strudel since then, especially because this treat has such a beautiful scene in the movie. I just wasn't sure if I was ready for such a baking challenge.  But this time I decided to go for it anyway, and it turned out great! Also, I feel like it's perfect timing because apple strudel screams FALL to me. 


Happy Birthday, Harry Potter! It's July 31 and we Potterheads know that this is the day we celebrate Harry's and J.K. Rowling's birthdays. I thought about making a cake to celebrate the occasion, but here at home we have zero self-control when it comes to baked goods, so having a complete cake would mean we…