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Stars Hollow Monthly March 2017 Unboxing

Any Gilmore Girls fan in the room? This month I got to try Stars Hollow Monthly, a subscription box by Lit-Cube.

Each month they send a box full of household and beauty goodies inspired by Stars Hollow or Girlmore Girls’ characters.

Here’s my Stars Hollow Monthly March 2017 unboxing which included:

An exclusive 18″ x 18″ throw pillow cover with the quote “What she tackles, she conquers” said by Richard Gilmore on the show. I think it’s a cute design and like that they chose an uplifting quote 🙂  Value: $14.99 (according to the info card)

An exclusive stemless wineglass set. One glass has the quote “Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch!” by Richard Gilmore. And another with Emily’s answer “Well, then buy me a boa and drive me to Reno because I’m open for business!“. I would love to bring this set out when I have guests. Value: $19.99 (according to the info card)

A coffee lip scrub and lip balm duo by Black Tie Market. These products contain real ground coffee beans and smell delicious! I like the taste of the lip balm and can’t wait to try the sugar scrub. I tried exfoliating my lips with sugar before and it’s awesome because it really works and it also tastes delicious 😉  Value: $15.99 (according to the info card)

And a fridge magnet with the quote “I would rather be at Luke’s”. It’s so cute that it’s shaped like a coffee mug!  Value: FREE

Finally, I wanted to include the info card because it’s so pretty and I love the fake “advertisements” for Kim’s Antiques and Hewes Bros (both places exist inside the show).

I think this box was really fun to open. The quotes from the show immediately remind me of certain episodes and make me smile. I also like that the items are useful and fun at the same time, because I love adding a bit of nerdy to my house. On the other hand, I think this box is missing something related to Lorelai or Rory. We got the coffee flavored lip balm/scrub, and they’re great, but I think they could improve with a Gilmore Girls themed packaging, or a Lorelai quote about coffee (she has hundreds!).

Overall, I think this box was really fun and would be a great gift for a Gilmore Girls fan.

The Stars Hollow box is $34.90 with FREE shipping in the US. You can use my discount code prettygeekery to get 10% off your first box 🙂

According to the info card included, the value of the box was $50.97. Considering the lip balm/scrub duo and the pillow cover, I think the box is worth the price. I’m not too sure about the wine glass set because I’ve seen cheaper ones, but they’re fun so the price doesn’t bother me.

I received this box from Litcube in exchange for an unboxing. All opinions are my own 🙂

Which one was your favorite item? I think mine was the pillow cover 🙂 Either that one or the coffee flavored lip balm.

What did you think about this box?

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  1. Iween

    I’m not a fan of Gilmore girls, but this unboxing looks incredibly exciting! The items seem to be of really good quality and they’re so adorable! So lovely! Thank you for sharing!

    With love, Iween

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