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booktubers you might not be following (but you should because they’re awesome)

Sometimes reading books is not enough. Sometimes you need to buy more books, talk about books, reorganize your books, write about books, listen to books and watch Youtube videos about books.

Today I want to talk about the latter, and about the content creators from Booktube (a.k.a. the book community in Youtube) that I love to watch.

You know that feeling after finishing a book when you NEED to find other people who also read it? That’s me all the time. Whether I love or hate the book, or even if I’m still making my mind about it, I just need to know that someone else in the world has been through the same emotions. 

That’s how I found Hannah from the Booktube channel Hannah Tay. I had just finished reading The Bell Jar and kind of felt like crying, to be honest. And since I really needed a bit of human interaction I decided to watch a video review instead of reading one, so I ended up in Hannah’s channel

By the way, she didn’t like The Bell Jar as a much as I did. And while I still felt like crying at how emotional it got at the end, Hannah described it as “[Sylvia]…just pissing about in New York!” (which was really funny – and kind of true). I’m glad I found Hannah because she reads and reviews classic, adult and children’s books, which is rare in the Booktube community. Also, her sense of humor makes me love her channel even more.

Kristin, on the other hand, was someone I started following because of her geeky blog Super Space Chick. And later discovered that she had a Booktube channel, also called Super Space Chick.

All the geeky and bookish things she likes make Kristin kind of a “fantasy connoisseur” in my mind, so I trust her when she recommends a book she loved, or a show she’s currently watching. I feel like her opinions on fantasy and YA books are more thorough than your average Booktuber.

And she also makes the best bookish “News & Stuff” videos, posts reading vlogs and talks about her other interests like anime and collecting the cutest Disney merch.

I also found Samantha from Thoughts on Tomes from blogging since she hosts Top 5 Wednesday on Goodreads (a weekly book meme for bloggers and booktubers). What I like the most about her channel is that she tends to post multiple videos for the same book, so you can watch the spoiler free review if you haven’t read the book, and then go back and watch the “gush”, “gripe” or ” discussion” video of the same book.

I think the kind of content Samantha produces is the best you can get from a booktuber. She openly addresses the things she dislikes about the books she reads, but also gets excited when sharing her favorite novels. Most of all, I appreciate a YA reader that fangirls about books while being honest and critical.

And well, after following so many Booktube channels I started getting a bunch of recommendations on my homepage, and I ended up on Hannah‘s channel : A Clockwork Reader. She also reads a lot of YA and posts mostly spoiler-free reviews and book tags. What I like the most about her channel is that she’s really good about explaining book plots without being vague or giving away too much. Kind of feels like you’re casually talking to a friend about her most recent read.

I also find her reading vlogs super inspiring! They feel so real and she gets so much reading done (even if it’s hard to always accomplish reading goals). These videos  have been helping me to get back into the reading mood when I’m struggling.

I hope you give these awesome booktubers a chance! I know everyone’s tastes are different, but I truly appreciate these booktuber’s content and would love to see their channels grow.

Also, let me know if you have Booktube recommendations (I’m specially looking for non-YA readers). 🙂

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