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Hi guys! It's been a rough week. But you know what? We are rough people! I hope you are ready to take a rest from everything serious and maybe also take a power cat nap. Here are some fun things I saw on the Internet this week: You can now deal with shady merchants from Essos…


Cool things on the Internet this week So, I got a new agenda and I'm loving it! It's the Ban.do 17 month agenda and it's super cute (I guess that explains the illustration I made this week! Haha). Did you watch episode 4 of Game of Thrones last Sunday? Because they shared a behind the…

Weekly Round-Up!

Hi! Yesterday I was daydreaming about the upcoming Friday night and the scene I pictured in my mind was so comfy that I had to draw it! Also since there were so many cool things on the Internet this week, I thought it would be fun to make a round-up sharing some of my favorite things! So here they are! Hopefully your weekend will be as comfy as this one!!

5 reasons why you should watch Little Witch Academia

Recently Netflix added the first season of Little Witch Academia to their anime repertoire. And I already watched it and need everyone else to do the same. Little Witch Academia tells the story of Akko, a 16 year old witch studying at a magical school. The thing is, she's a really immature, impatient and inexperienced…