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Hi guys! It’s been a rough week. But you know what? We are rough people!

I hope you are ready to take a rest from everything serious and maybe also take a power cat nap.

Here are some fun things I saw on the Internet this week:

You can now deal with shady merchants from Essos because Duolingo added a High Valyrian course!

Did you read The Valiantby Lesley Livingston? Because they’re making a T.V. series! (Just added it to my TBR)

I need this scarf in my life.

Also, I’m (figuratively) literally this cat.

Spooky book recommendations from Owlcrate. (Can it be Halloween already?)

Twirling Pages turned 3 years old! Go sing Happy Birthday and enter the giveaway 😉

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  1. Kristin (SuperSpaceChick)

    How funny! I just added The Valiant to my wish list earlier this week. I love that the second book’s cover has such Wonder Woman vibes!

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