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Wonder Girl Box Unboxing + Review

This is the first unboxing ever of the Wonder Girl Box! I found this company on Instagram last month and fell in love with their message, image and themes. They’re all about self-care and female empowerment, and promise that a fraction of their proceeds is donated to help a girl go to school.

So I decided to support them and buy their first box ever :D.

The theme of January’s box was “I love me”.

The book selection was A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Erin Lindstrom, a YA contemporary novel about a girl with bipolar disorder. I can’t say if the book really goes with the theme of the box, but I’m interested in reading it and learning more about this mental illness. (Plus, I LOVE the cover, so at least the book is #bookstagram worthy). Value: $10.36

Probably my favorite item was this pair of socks from Blue Q. They are bright pink ankle socks and say “Thou Art the Bomb”, what’s not to love!?  Value: $9.99

I got REALLY excited when I saw this package because it smelt delicious. I thought they were mini chocolate cinnamon rolls (*drools*). Sadly -but not really- these are not edible, since they are Wax Melts from Pearl Rose Candle Co… But they truly smell delicious (like honey, cocoa butter and chocolate, according to the package). Value: around $

It also included a Bubble Gum Pop.

And a really cute “Self-Care Pocket Guide” from Free Period Press with little things to cheer you up (and in alphabetical order!) I think this is a nice touch! I also like that leave a space to write the little things that make you happy. Value: $5

Lastly, the box included this little print with the inscription “Don’t Forget to Love Yourself”. The design is cute but the quality of the print is kinda bad and blurry when you see it in person. (Though you could frame it and hang it in a high place and maybe people wouldn’t notice the blurriness).

I think this box was really, really cute. All the goodies fit with the theme and are cohesive with the image of the Wonder Girl Box. I think they selected pretty items but also useful and special things. The downside is that this is a new company and they still need to gain a bunch of subscribers in order to offer a better value. Considering the hardcover book, the socks and the candles, the value of this box would be $32.35 (and I paid $34.99 + shipping). Of course, I also consider the print and lollipop as nice goodies, but more importantly, Wonder Girl Box claimed in their Instagram that a fraction of their proceeds was used to send a girl to school for a whole year. 

Overall, I’m really happy with my box. Wonder Girl Box doesn’t offer the most bookish goodies for your money, but they are a new company and they are donating part of their earnings, so I’m okay with that. 

The Wonder Girl Box is $34.99 + shipping. I bought this box myself and didn’t get any discount or payment to review it :).

A little bit of feedback: I would like to see some proof that the company actually donated the money to CAMFED. Also, I recommend (if money allows it) to change the design of the packaging because the current one lets a lot of the paper filling material escape from the sides. My box made a pink mess in the box office!

Next month’s theme is: Bookish and Beautiful“.

Which one was your favorite item? I choose the socks! Though if the chocolate candles were edible I would totally pick those first. (Or is it soy wax edible??) 

What did you think about this box? 😀

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  1. Iween

    What a beautiful cause for a cute bookish box! I agree that the book does not really fit in with the theme but I really like the synopsis of the book and I’ve never seen it before so thank you for sharing! It sounds really interesting, hehe. And YES TO THOSE SOCKS. So adorable!

    This sounds like a spectacular box – but yes, I would really like to see some kind of proof or assurance that the money goes to where it’s said to go. That would be a really lovely idea 🙂

    With love, Iween. |

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