Weekly Round-Up

Weekly Round-up!

Hi, hi, hi!

I’ve officially survived the hottest week of the year in my city (as far as I know). If I stay really quiet I can already start to hear Halloween music in the distance! Aah, I think I can also smell the pumpkin spice.

How have you guys been doing??

Here are some fun things to make your Friday even more awesome:

The Magic School Bus is back! Will you board it?

They say that the protagonists die at the end of this new book…

Have you heard of PINK VELVET DONUTS? They sound like heaven to me.

Here are some clues if you want to discover who committed that murder in the Orient Express.

Cori and Korrina from Owlcrate answered the Harry Potter tag. That looked fun!

Oh, here’s a useful table on the time it takes to fall in love.

Running into the weekend like…

Happy weekend!

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