Weekly Round-Up


Happy Back-to-Hogwarts day!

To celebrate it, here are some fun links to click on:

Today we’ve been invited to visit Hogwarts via Pottermore! This free online experience let’s you explore the castle and find some hidden pieces of trivia. How cool is that??

If you’re having Game of Thrones withdrawal you might like this behind the scenes (or maybe this one will make you recover from your withdrawal).

Oh, and if you want to win a subscription to the Uppercase book box, you just need to rack your brain.

This is the cutest croissant!

If you still want more fun, check this list of fun webcomics 😉

Bye! Happy Weekend!



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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    LOOK AT THAT CUTE LITTLE CROISSANT. I WANT 5. ? And eeep this reminds me how much I need to catch up on with GoT.?

  2. Katy Rochelle (@KatyRochelle)

    Love the links! I’m excited to explore Hogwarts and find those secret pieces of trivia. 🙂

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