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5 reasons why you should watch Little Witch Academia

Recently Netflix added the first season of Little Witch Academia to their anime repertoire. And I already watched it and need everyone else to do the same.

Little Witch Academia tells the story of Akko, a 16 year old witch studying at a magical school. The thing is, she’s a really immature, impatient and inexperienced witch. She also loves magic and studies hard to improve at school and be like the hero who inspired this career selection. (Watch the trailer here)

I didn’t expect to fall in love with this series, but I couldn’t stop watching it! It’s so cute and it makes me so happy that I want to share it with everyone 😀

So here are 5 reasons I loved this series and think everyone should watch it!

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1. It takes place in a magical boarding school. So if you’re a Harry Potter fan you probably love the idea as much as I do. 

This story doesn’t feel like a wannabe Harry Potter though. The protagonist is not an orphan who had a terrible childhood until the day she learned magic existed. Akko always knew witches existed and spent her early years practicing riding a broom (without much success). At 16 she is finally able to attend Luna Nova, a prestigious witch school, and study magical subjects like astronomy, numerology and magic linguistics (without much success).

2. It’s a short and light-hearted series.

I’m not saying you should do it (though I think you should), but it’s super easy to binge-watch this series since the plot is so simple and the episodes run for about 26 minutes (so you could totally watch the 13 episodes from the first season in one sitting – if you bring food).

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Little Witch Academia reminds me of Cardcaptor Sakura because of the short, fun adventures they have every time. This series is not about plot twists or cliffhangers (though it has some), it’s about spending time with the characters and enjoying the ride.

3. The characters are awesome.

The three main witches are really likeable while being all so different from each other. I think this works because they have their own personalities rather than just filling a certain archetype. There are also secondary characters that are well developed (so much that one of those is my favorite witch in the series), and it’s really enjoyable watching their interactions and adventures because I care about them.

I also loved that the protagonists, though flawed, are kind-hearted witches. So after solving the problem of the day most episodes end in an uplifting tone (that makes me really happy).

4. It has a book series that is literally Twilight.

Okay, there’s this series of books written by a witch called Night Fall. Night Fall is about a girl and a vampire, Belle and Edgar, and they meet each other when the girl accidentally travels to the middle ages (I know this rings a couple of bells!). Anyway, these books are only mentioned a couple of times in the series, but I just had to bring them up! I couldn’t stop laughing when one of the protagonists talked about it the first time. Also there’s an episode dedicated to these books and every book fan should watch it. (Episode 4, Season 1 “Night Fall”).

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5. There’s not a big, bad villain. 

There’s not a Voldemort terrorizing the school, there’s not even a Draco Malfoy in Little Witch Academia. Sure, there is an occasional bully and a teacher that clearly has favorite students, but the big antagonists throughout the series are the protagonists faults and insecurities. Most episodes pose a dilemma or a problem (sometimes Akko is to blame) and by the end the characters will always solve it and learn something from it.

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  1. Cate

    Ok I’m sold! I’ve only recently heard about this series but I loved The Worst Witch books when I was a kid and this sounds so similar so I’ll definitely be adding it to my watch list xoxo

    • prettygeekery

      It definitely has a Worst Witch feeling, haha! I bet you will love it 😀

  2. Kristin (SuperSpaceChick)

    I cannot wait to watch this series! My husband and I have been dying to watch it for so long and we’re so happy it’s finally on Netflix!

    • prettygeekery

      Aaaah, please watch it! I’m pretty sure you will like it :D!

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