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Thoughts on Deathly Hallows Movie – Part 1

  1. Did you notice that the intro got darker with every movie? The Warner Brothers logo is literally so rusty in The Deathly Hallows that is falling apart!
  2. I remember the good old yellow WB logo from Philosopher’s stone. 
  3. I love Hermione’s bedroom. It looks like the perfect place to relax and read. And she has so many books! #BedroomGoalshermiones-bedroom
  4. Hermione is erasing herself from her parents’ memory, that must be the most difficult spell she has cast. 
  5. I’m literally crying for the second time in the last 5 minutes.
  6. (The first time was when I saw the logo at the beginning).
  7. Harry saying good-bye to the Dursleys is so awkward. I guess they truly don’t care about Harry at all. I wish they had kept the scene where Dudley tells Harry he is not a waste of space.
  8. Poor Dudley was just a spoiled brat.
  9. I like how Voldemort tells Snape that he saved him a seat. #BFF #DeathEathersBeforeWitches
  10. But what were they talking about before Snape arrived? Were they just chilling and eating canapés with Voldemort?
  11. Poor Muggle Studies teacher :(. 
  12. “Severus, please. We are friends”. That’s the thing about Snape. He’s friends with this woman but will let her die in front of him because he needs to spy on Voldemort. A lot of fans act like he’s a saint but I think his moral ground is as rusty as the WB logo for this movie.
  13. Bill is definitely my favorite Weasley. He’s so cool.bill-weasley
  14. Also, he’s General Hux from The Force Awakens!
  15. Here we go, Harry is letting Hedwig fly…
  16. …for the last time :'(.
  17. I remember that theory about how Snape knew Hedwig would reveal Harry’s identity if she kept flying by his side, so he DECIDED to kill her in order to protect Harry.
  18. It’s a good theory but Snape’s still a douche. 
  19. Hagrid is truly Harry’s most loyal friend. He would do anything for him. He loves him so much. And he has always been there for Harry.
  20. Can you image Hagrid’s face if Harry named one of his children after him?? 
  21. “Harry is the best hope we have, trust him.” This gave me chills!
  22. Dumbledore could have said “Help him” too, because, you know…Harry is just seventeen.
  23. Ginny has grown so much since that time she went running to her room after seeing Harry. 
  24. Go get that zipper up, girl ;).
  25. Luna Lovegood dancing is my aesthetic. She’s definitely in my Top 5 favorite Harry Potter characters. 
  26. (Hermione, Luna, Lupin, Hagrid, McGonagall – in no particular order-)
  27. Sending messages with a Patronus is really cool. There’s no way that could be intercepted as owls and chimneys.
  28. I wonder if one could have a unicorn Patronus. I don’t remember seeing any Patronus in the shape of a magical beast before…
  29. Hermione’s bottomless handbag is what I need to travel with all my books – and wardrobe-.
  30. I bet that’s a very difficult spell too.
  31. Where would Harry be without Hermione? She’s been teleporting them everywhere and even packed clothes and medicine for the three of them.
  32. Dolores Umbridge laughing is the most evil thing in this movie. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
  33. Dobby is back in the movies! I hadn’t seen him since Chamber of Secrets. 
  34. Has he been wearing rejuvenating cream? His face looks so smooth.
  35. The trio is taking polyjuice again, another thing that came from CoS.
  36. I like how Ron is so worried about ‘his wife’. Is he more empathetic than before? 
  37. It’s curious that Umbridge’s Patronus is a cat… the same animal as McGonagall’s –which is also her Animagus form-. They couldn’t have more different personalities!
  38. Yay, camping time!
  39. And more camping…!
  40. I know they need to find the horcruxes, but in the meantime they could hide somewhere more comfortable…
  41. They could go to a beach in Mexico! I bet Voldemort would never find them there.
  42. Hermione saving the day again, coming with the idea of using Gryffindor’s sword to destroy the locket. 
  43. Ron leaving his friends really bothers me. He is always described as Harry’s most loyal friend, but his jealously always gets in the way.
  44. I love the dancing scene between Harry and Hermione, it’s like a male/female bromanceif that actually exists-.
  45. …Or maybe the director of the movie actually shipped Harry/Hermione. 
  46. Which I approve. #Harmony #UntilTheVeryEnd #Always
  47. Now Harry is being an insufferable hero again. He doesn’t need to swim under the ice to get the sword RIGHT NOW. Maybe he could alert Hermione first. Because something could go wrong. And if he dies, the rest of the world will have to live under Voldemort’s control. But Harry doesn’t want to bother.
  48. Ron is back! 
  49. And how fun is that Dumbledore predicted that Ron’s temper would get in the way. That’s why he gave him the Deluminator, right?
  50. Harry just saw a woman fall apart to reveal a giant snake living under her skin. But he looks more scared of Angry-Hermione looking for her wand. 
  51. The Lovegood’s house looks so cozy! I wish they had included Luna’s room and paintings.
  52. Hey, Xenophilius and I have the same Deathly Hallows necklace!
  53. It’s funny how Harry Potter’s most famous symbol came out in the last book/movie.
  54. The tale of the three brothers is awesome. It reminds me of Aesop’s Fables.
  55. And it’s so beautifully animated! 
  56. I guess I can’t blame Xeno for betraying Harry. He just wanted his sweet Luna back.
  57. He’s still a better person than Snape.
  58. Hermione making Harry look like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame was really clever. Her quick-thinking probably saved them from facing Voldemort before having destroyed the horcruxes.  badass-hermione
  59. Hermione Granger and How She Defeated Voldemort by Repeatedly Saving the Chosen One.
  60. And that way we could get access to those kissing scenes between Hermione and Viktor Krum.
  61. -Just saying…-
  62. House-elves are incredibly powerful!
  63. I would like to know how they ended up as slaves since they can even surpass wizard’s magic.
  64. Dobby is so cute. Even if he’s so annoying…
  65. He gave me a couple of nightmares when I was a kid because he’s honestly so creepy-looking.  
  66. He’s a free elf now. :'(
  67. *crying for the third time*
  68. Voldemort has not respect for personal space. His nose-place is so close to Dumbledore…
  69. …Could it be that he never killed Dumbledore because he’s the only person he ever loved?
  70. Just kidding –

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (both parts) are the only movies from the franchise that I didn’t watch repeatedly to the point of knowing all the lines.It might be because that’s one of my least favorite books in the series. Or because I get so nostalgic while watching Harry Potter movies that I cry the whole time, especially during the first one and last one. So today I decided to watch the movie for the third time. (The first time was in theaters. Second one when the DVD came out). And I wanted to share the experience with other Potterheads :D. What are your thoughts on this movie??
  • Images credit: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 –  © 2010 Warner Bros

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