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Think Happy – Book Review

think-happy-book-review-1Who else loves reading positive quotes and peptalks?

I think I’m a good adviser (because that’s what my friends tell me – Or at least, they would if I had any friends*) but when it comes to following my own advice, I’m quite a Negative Nancy. I mean, I do try to keep a positive attitude all the time** but sometimes I need a boost to get there. When I want to get a little motivated I watch inspiring videos or visit my favorite webcomics. Lately, I’ve been picking up the little book Think Happy by Karen Salmansohn

*I do have friends, that was a Hercules reference. **All the time except during the second-to-last episode of a Game of Thrones season. Those are destined to be sad and tragic.


This illustrated little book contains fifty peptalks to read according to different situations. It comes with 5 Things to say when feeling grumpy, 5 Things to say when you feel stressed out, 5 Things to say when faced with failure and other seven categories that probably fit in everyone’s life. Each of these sayings comes with a small explanation to support the theory that having positive thoughts is what we need to get happier. Also, all the pages contain a beautiful watercolor illustration, which is the reason I picked it up in the first place. (I love watercolors!).

Think Happy is literally about that. All the peptalks will advise you to add more positive thoughts to improve your daily life. A piece of advice will go like “Almost everything will work better if you unplug it – including you.”. And then the accompanying page will tell you that when your computer malfunctions, you turn it off and on again. And goes on with the peptalk, telling you how taking a rest will refresh you when you are stressed out. 

Most of the peptalks are supposedly backed up by scientific research from different institutions, thought it’s all summarized in a line or two.

I don’t think this is a good book to pick up and read in one sitting, since it would get kind of repetitive (and maybe boring), but it would be nice to have in your cubicle, desk or coffee table, to share with visitors and coworkers and picked up when needed.

I think all the Think Happy tips are general enough to be useful to anyone but most of them are also kind of obvious. There isn’t any groundbreaking advice. Still, the premise “instant peptalks to boost positivity” is truth. I did like to look at the cute illustrations and read some motivating quotes while taking my morning coffee.


  • People who like to read motivational quotes
  • People who enjoy peptalks
  • And only those, because that’s all you’ll find in this book (plus the cute watercolors)

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Hana Bilqisthi

    Oh I follow Karen on my social media 😀 I like her quotes but I have not read any of her books 😀 thank you for sharing Celeste 🙂

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