Random Thoughts

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I Will Never Read These Books

I know that saying "I will never read these books" is a big statement.  Especially because I clearly remember that I once said "I will never read a book with a shirtless guy in the cover". And then City of Bones came out with, you know what?... A shirtless guy in the cover! And of course I didn't want to miss out on the most popular YA paranormal dystopia of the moment, so I broke my own promise to me. I went against all that is sacred to me* and bought the E-BOOK (because of course I wasn't going to disgrace my bookshelf with that guy's bare chest). And from that moment I can't really trust myself whenever I say I will never do something**. So, take the following list with a grain of salt. *Not really. **And by the way. I didn't like City of Bones, so that partly unclad body in the cover wasn't even worth it. 

Misleading Book Synopses

Today's Top 5 Wednesday was supposed to be about synopses that made us think the book was totally different. But I don't think that has happened to me, especially because I either read books without knowing anything about them, or I read hundreds of reviews before even buying the book. There's no middle ground. Instead I decided to make a little game where I write a misleading synopsis for a popular book, and you guys can try to guess which book I'm talking about :D Ready? Go! (There's a picture with the answers at the end)

Spooky Book Settings

Today's Top 5 is all about Halloween because the theme is Spooky Book Settings (*imagine ghost noises here*). And, you know what? A spooky setting doesn't necessarily come from a horror book.  You can get scared by a violent crime scene, or when your favorite character gets lost at night or when a totalitarian government spies…

Book Inspired Outfits #2

Since I'll probably never get to organize my own book themed fashion show, I'll have to keep making these collages instead. After I had so much fun the first time, I came with a new round of book inspired outfits :D 1. Alice from Alice in Wonderland I couldn't make an Alice outfit without the…