Random Thoughts

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Book Lovers Gift Guide

If you are trying to buy a gift for a book lover but don't want to give them a book (because they probably already own it), check out this book lover gift guide I built with my favorite bookish merchandise :D Bookmarks! Because no book lover can have enough bookmarks. The ones in the picture…

Favorite Book Publishers

Recently I went trough my library looking for a specific trait in my books: which publisher's did they come from? Honestly, that's a question that had never crossed my mind so I'm glad that the Top 5 Wednesday group suggested it!  These publishers make a great work bringing some of my favorite books and authors. I'm glad to show them some love!

Eye-rolling book tropes

It's been like two months since my last eye-rolling book tropes post! 

How is that possible? With all the clichés running wild around the world!? 

Here's a new round of book tropes that make me roll my eyes. Delight yourself with Part 1 and Part 2, there's a lot of eye-rolling to enjoy!

Characters I used to love

Let's talk about those book characters that we once loved but now we don't.  Today's Top 5 (from the T5W Goodreads group) is about characters that we loved the first time we read the book, but then we didn't. They might have changed, we might have changed or maybe we just outgrew them because we are so much more mature now.