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Road Trip with YA Books!

I partnered with Little, Brown to share this giveaway [GIVEAWAY CLOSED!] and post inspired by road trips! We are celebrating the launch of Stranger Than Fanfiction, the new book by Chris Colfer (I used to love his character on Glee!).

This YA novel starts with a group of friends about to go on a road trip and jokingly inviting an actor from their favorite series to go with them. -Imagine their surprise when said actor actually says Yes!-. 

I really like the idea of a book inspired by road trips, because I bet most of us read books as a way to travel. 

If you are also interested in book-traveling (or book road-tripping?), here’s a list I made with thirteen YA novels set across the United States! Hopefully they will help you travel cross-country (without even putting on pants).

Okay, I might have cheated because The Grapes of Wrath is not actually a YA book, but I couldn’t find a YA book set Oklahoma! (and anyway, young adults could use some classics every now and then).

Also, I have no idea why SO MANY EROTIC NOVELS are set in Oklahoma and Arkansas. I had to go through many lists of books set in those states to fill my map, and found dozens of covers with shirtless guys hugging other shirtless guys (I hope someone finds that information useful).

And by the way, I haven’t read all the books on the list, but the ones I read really feel like they capture the vibe of the city/state, especially Aristotle and Dante which is set in Texas. I also got more excited about reading Lola and the Guy Next Door since I was in San Francisco some months ago!

Is there a book you want to travel to? 😉 


If you want to win the A Read for the Road package, leave a comment on my Instagram post. I’ll select a random winner on March 15!

The package includes: 

  • a copy of Stranger Than Fanfiction
  • Sunglasses
  • a Travel Journal
  • a cross-country keychain

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  1. Tess

    I would travel to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and visit Pemberly. Also, I would find Mr. Bingley’s sisters and give them a piece of my mind about their rudeness!

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