Talk about books

Let’s talk reading routines :)

I’ve seen a lot of booktubers, book bloggers and bookstagrammers talking about their extravagant and whimsical reading routines. I think we all have!

But I’m not sure how many of us actually have a specific setting for reading.

When I thought about writing this post I wanted to follow along and create a super aesthetic routine, you know, with lit candles, a cup of tea, classical music in the background and a posh room with a rocking chair by the window. But I’ve actually experienced that perfect scenario about two times in my life. And that’s not even my real everyday reading process (it’s not close at all).

So, here I present you my

non-fancy, highly unphotogenic actual reading routine.

(Hoping you will relate to it and tell me I’m not the only non-whimsical reader)

1) Go to Goodreads to remember which books I’m currently reading,

and then pick the one that fills my current needs. Right now I’m in the middle of reading nine books. That’s because I love to read about everything, and because I’m extremely indecisive. So I always have a book at hand for each of the following categories: 

  • A Classic Book
  • An Educational Book
  • A Young Adult or Contemporary
  • A Comic Book, Graphic Novel or Manga
  • A Book From A Fantasy Series
  • An E-Book
  • An Audiobook
  • A Book Someone Lent Me But I Don’t Actually Feel Like Reading
  • An Inspiring Book
  • A Book About My Newest Hobby

I’ve found that having a book for each of these categories has decreased my book-hangovers and I’m always in the mood to read something from the pile. Some of these can also be combined, so I’m not actually reading ten books at a time all the time. 

2) Start reading.

And that’s it! You now know the exact routine I follow every time I read. Of course, there are times when I want to pamper myself and I’ll do the whimsical photographic setting and feel like a queen. But most times I’ll just open the book, sit down (anywhere, including the floor) and hunch my shoulders because I subconsciously want to be so close to the book that it will literally absorb me. 

3) Spice it up.

I’ll also add some snacks when there’s no one around to judge me because I’m a messy eater (and eating while reading books is hard). Since food is a very inspiring topic, I’ll break down my favorite snacks to keep writing about them:

  • One Hand Snacks: These are my favorites because I can actually eat them in public and still look normal. Popcorn, cookies, nuts and marshmallows are my top picks.
  • Spicy Snacks: I love spicy food in general, but spicy snacks are my weakness. Cheetos and Doritos are the best, but I don’t like having cheesy fingers when I need to turn the page! So I resort to eating them with chopsticks! (I know it’s weird. Shame on me, shame on my cow.) But it’s very convenient and I get to read with snacks AND clean hands.
  • Two Hand Snacks: Like cake, shaved ice and cup noodles. I know that these are bigger snacks and that I could easily put down my book, ingest the food and then return to my reading. But this is not a post about logical decisions. So, if I want to eat using both of my hands and read at the same time (and I don’t want to go to a table and put the book there), I’ll sit in bed, put a cushion or two on my lap, put the book over the cushion and ta-da! Free hands! Other option is sitting in bed hugging my legs, then take my Kindle and hold it with my knees at a comfortable angle and eat my snack! It does look weird but the people who love me don’t care.

And that’s about all. I find that I don’t need to create a super comfy setting because I’ll be so absorbed by the book that I won’t notice my surroundings at all (I’ve actually developed the power to block voices while reading. Very useful in family reunions that last too long).

Do you guys have a reading routine? Can you give me some advice to give the fancy routine another try? Or are you just like me and you could read anywhere, anytime? 🙂 Let me know!

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