Trying Recipes from Harry Potter: Lemon Drops

I know I said I was going to make 7 Harry Potter recipes for this series. Because 7 is THE magical Harry Potter number. But then someone suggested I should make lemon drops and I couldn't refuse! How could I end this series without Dumbledore's favorite candy? Luckily, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook had an…

An e.e.cummings poem

Why is it that our favorite things are always the things that introduced us to things? Okay, let me explain it better. I have watched most of Studio Ghibli's movies and I like all of them, but my favorite is Ponyo (the first one I watched). I have also watched a bunch of K-dramas, but the one with the biggest place in my heart is the one that started my obsession, Boys Over Flowers. And so on with a lot of things.