Harry Potter

Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Short Story

After finishing The Cursed Child I couldn't help reading enormous quantities of Harry Potter fan-fiction - fellow Potterheads know that the want for Harry Potter is insatiable-. While surfing Reddit I found a short story by user AtlasNoseItch, based on a prompt that said "Harry Potter is sitting at home sixty years after the battle of Hogwarts, an old man now, when suddenly his scar hurts". I found this story so moving that I asked the author if I could share it in the blog. Here it is!*


DIY Tassel Bookmarks

If there's something a bookworm can't have too much of - apart from books - that's bookmarks. They make it so easy to read multiple books at the same time, jumping between them and instantly continuing were you left. They also make cute handmade gifts! That's why I'm sharing this easy DIY tassel bookmarks tutorial to make at home :)
Book Reviews

My Lady Jane Review

My Lady Jane retells the story of Jane Grey, who was queen of England and Ireland for nine days before being beheaded. In this version though, authors Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand and Jodi Meadows give Jane a happier and funnier ending. Instead of being executed for treason she gets to fight back, fall in love with her husband and…

6 wonderfully narrated audiobooks

I used to consider audiobooks as cheating at books. Because people can start wandering, checking their phone, while the poor narrator tells the story for no one in particular. And at the end they get to say they have read the book, even if they weren't mentally present half of the time...

But, like with most things in my life, I gave it a try and ended up loving the thing I made fun of.

Of course, listening to a book is not the same as reading it, but I think in some cases the narrators are so wonderful they turn the same story into something else. Something worth of feeling ready to sleep while being read by a loved one.

These six audiobooks are on my wishlist right now, since their narrators are so great at reading the stories that I won't miss reading them myself.