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This Savage Song – Book Review

Last month I got This Savage Song by the fantasy author Victoria Schwab. I started it immediately, attracted by the beautiful cover and the promise of a brilliant urban fantasy. “Monsters, monsters, big and small, They're gonna come and eat you all."  But I found myself distracted after the first two chapters, since the pacing was somewhat…

Author Recommendation: José Saramago

When I first read Blindnes, by the Portuguese writer José Saramago, I literally felt part of his book. I felt the anxiety, the fear and the hunger and, while reading in the kitchen, for a moment I believed that everyone in my city was blind just like in his novel. Those few seconds of mixing reality with a book turned me into a Saramago fan forever.  The Nobel Prize winner always puts a little magic in his works, and a lot of thought.

That's why I wanted to recommend you my favorite books from this author.

Book Reviews

Revisiting the classics: The Bell Jar

Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar is one of the books I would recommend to anyone (maybe above the age of 13). When I first got it I expected a female version of The Catcher in the Rye, because I knew it had to do with alienation. But this story is completely the opposite. Holden Caulfield is a cynical…
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Reading Unexpected Sex Scenes

Last month I read Uprooted by Naomi Novik, a book that is categorized as Fantasy and Young Adult. So, being the genre it is, with a fairy tale atmosphere and all, it caught me by surprise when a sex scene appeared close to end of the book. I did not expect it at all.  And I…