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Reading Unexpected Sex Scenes

Last month I read Uprooted by Naomi Novik, a book that is categorized as Fantasy and Young Adult. So, being the genre it is, with a fairy tale atmosphere and all, it caught me by surprise when a sex scene appeared close to end of the book. I did not expect it at all.  And I…
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Women in Science – Review

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World is a delightful illustrated book by Rachel Ignotofsky. It tells the stories of famous and not-so-famous women through history who all shared their love for science, such as Ada Lovelace, Wang Zhenyi, Marie Curie, Lillian Gilbreth and Jane Goodall.  I got it because I liked the…
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How to inscribe a book for a friend

Book lovers, beware. This post is about writing things on books. With permanent ink. 

If you love to give away books you may have encountered the predicament of book inscriptions.

Are they really worth it? Do they ruin the book? Is it considered sacrilege?

I would say it depends on only two factors. One, if the receiver of the book prefers to keep their collection in perfect conditions. And two, if the book in question is a rare or very special edition.

In any other case I would say you should go for it. Giving books as a gift is an awesome way to connect with someone else and share an experience with them. And if we are talking about mass-produced books, an inscription will only make them more special and personalized for the owner.

If you are uncertain on how to inscribe a book, this is the process I like to follow: