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Subscription Boxes


I’m opening 3 bookish subscription boxes from July 2017: Owlcrate, LitCube and Owlcrate Jr. They were all really fun and I’m excited about the book choices :D!

I have more pictures and unboxing videos on my Instagram, if you prefer to check them out over there. Let’s start 😀!

Owlcrate July 2017

The Owlcrate July 2017 box was themed Wanderlust and it came with:

  • A Lord of the Rings inspired backpack, exclusively designed by the Owlcrate team! (Hmm, I wonder if I could take it when I go hiking! I would feel like a hobbit – but with shoes)
  • A super cute owl luggage tag
  • A keychain sized Newt Scamander Funko Pop (that I already added to my purse)
  • A pocket mirror with a design by Miss Phi and inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic
  • A pocket journal from Ooly! Everyone got 1 of 8 different random designs :D. I love that is so colorful, I can’t make myself use it because it’s so cute
  • An art print with a quote from Looking for Alaska and designed by Shailey Ann Designs
  • A collectible pin!
  • The book: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee. I’m currently reading this book and I’m really happy they chose this one since I was interested in buying it! It also came with a signed bookplate, a letter from the author and a cute map of the world.

Price: $29.99 USD +shipping

Discount Code: Pretty15 for 15% off your first purchase

LitCube July 2017

The Lit-Cube June 2017 box was themed Modern Cinderella and it came with:

  • The book: Asylum 54.0 by Nadège Richards, a YA dystopian novel that takes place in the year 3034 (after a virus destroyed most of the world!) It has some comic pages inside as part of the story and I’m loving the artwork.
  • “Actually, I can” t-shirt inspired by Wonder Woman AND designed by the author of the book!
  • Wonder Woman inspired candle from In the Wick of Time (the scent is sandalwood and sea!)
  • “Why so serious” mug with a drawing of The Joker
  • Hero PEZ dispenser. Everyone got a random hero, mine was Spider-Man! (Also two packs of candy)

Price: $34.95 USD +shipping

Discount Code: PRETTYGEEKERY for 10% off your first purchase

Owlcrate Jr July 2017

The Owlcrate Jr June 2017 box was themed Gizmos and Gears and it came with:

  • A creature catcher badge! Ready to be ironed 😀
  • 3D inflatable dragon (printed in black and white so you can color it yourself!)
  • Unicorn poop!
  • Exclusive and super cute niffler sticker from Naomi Lord.
  • Owl luggage tag
  • Collectible pin (the cutest one ever)
  • The book: The Unicorn in the Barn by Jacqueline K. Ogburn. It came with a signed bookplate, a letter from the author and a beautiful art print.

Price: $27.99 USD +shipping

Discount Code: Geekery15 for 15% off your first purchase

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