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LitCube December 2016 Unboxing

Any Sherlock Holmes fans in the room?

This month’s Lit-Cube theme was “Sherlocked“!

1The book selection was Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty a novel inspired by Sherlock Holmes but in a high school setting (there are still murder mysteries going on, don’t worry). As a surprise addition, this box also included the sequel! Lock & Mori Mind Games. The books also come with a signed bookplate from the author and some cute stickers. Value: $35.98 or $17.99 each ($24.13 total on Amazon)

The wearable of the month is a pair of exclusive Sherlock inspired socks. They are comfy and really appreciated in the winter, the pattern includes little violins, magnifying glasses, pipes and the classic Sherlock hat. Value: $9.99 (according to the info card)

3The snack was this pack of tea from First Edition Tea Co. The black tea blend is called Smoked English Breakfast and smells delicious! Value: $3.99

The box also included an exclusive keychain with Sherlock’s address printed on it.I think the address print is a cool idea since it’s a subtle reference to the series and only fans will recognize it. I’m kinda sad that the one I got is defective (it says ‘Stree’ instead of ‘Street’).   Value: $5.99 (according to Lit-Cube)

The last item was an exclusive gift from the Lit-Cube family. This orange/transparent ornament has the hashtag #bookish printed on it.  Value: Free

I really appreciate getting two books in one box (plus autograph!), though I’m not sure if that’s worth it considering the rest of the items feel cheaper/ smaller than the ones I got in previous boxes. I don’t consider the defective keychain and the ornament as items I would buy, so I only feel like I got two things with my books (the socks and tea). On the other hand, I love socks and I love tea! And I think it’s a great idea to include warm and cozy items during winter.

Overall, I REALLY liked half of the items I got. And didn’t care too much about the other half. 

The Lit-Cube box is $34.95 with FREE shipping in the US. + $10.00 shipping to Canada. And +$14.99 shipping to other countries. You can use my discount code prettygeekery to get 10% off your first box 🙂

According to the info card included, the value of the box was $55.95 ($44.1 with Amazon’s book prices)  I would say it’s a fair value if you didn’t pay for international shipping.

Next month’s theme is:

Mother of Dragons“. The next Lit-Cube box will send an epic historical fantasy 😉

What did you think about this box? Which one was your favorite item? I can’t choose between the tea blend and the socks!

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  1. Hana Bilqisthi

    Cool key chain. Made me want one, too.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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