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Litcube August 2017 Unboxing – Gilmore Girls, Coffee and Steampunk Wonderland

How is it the middle of September already!?

I wasn’t sure about showing my Litcube August 2017 unboxing because it feels like it’s too late. But I had some troubles getting the mail last month and I just got my Litcube and Gilmore Girls boxes! And all the items are really cool and deserved to be shared! So, in other words, it might be late but here they are anyway:

Lit-Cube August 2017

The theme of the August Lit-Cube box was Steampunk Wonderland and it came with the following items:

  • Curiouser and Curiouser (Steampunk Fairy Tales) by Melanie Karsak. To save the Hatter, Alice must work with the one man she despises so much that she might still love him.
  • Steampunk Wonderland Inspired Aromatherapy Smelling Salts. I had never had smelling salts before… they’re interesting. The bottle is a nice decoration but it also smells good, so I guess I’ll pick it up when I feel sleepy to try them out. (Wikipedia says these can be used to prevent someone from fainting, so we will see!)
  • Steampunk Wonderland Old Fashioned Watch Necklace. This is a real pocket watch! I feel like this box couldn’t be MORE STEAMPUNK! And it’s perfect for the Alice theme since the White Rabbit has one of these.

[Detail on the back of the watch]

  • Exclusive Queen Of Hearts Rose Tea. This also smells really good! Since I got a lot of coffee this week (see the rest of the unboxings) I haven’t had tea yet, but I’m already excited to try it. The blend contains: black tea, vanilla, honeybush tea, gunpowder (this is a king of tea! haha I didn’t know) and rose petals. This blend sounds like a perfect steampunk Alice match!
  • Steampunk Inspired Tea Infuser. Yes! I’m always lazy about brewing tea when it doesn’t come in a bag (tea connoisseurs, please don’t hate me). So this was a nice addition. Also, it looks cool in the kitchen.

This one has been one of the coolest Lit-Cube boxes I’ve received. They always choose their items carefully so they match with the theme of the book, but this time it turned out even more awesome (it might be because all the items are really photogenic, haha). I’m not even a steampunk fan, but this box put me in the mood to pick up Curiouser & Curiouser!

  • Price: $34.95 USD +shipping 
  • Discount Code: PRETTYGEEKERY for 10% off your first purchase*. Right now you can order the Hocus Pocus themed box for October 😀

Stars Hollow Monthly August 2017

Then I opened the August Stars Hollow Monthly box. It came with the following items:

  • Doose’s Market Mug. I liked this mug because it feels like an inside joke that only Gilmore Girls fan will get. The rest of the world will think I just got a free mug from a random market!
  • “I Drink Coffee Like a Gilmore” Tumbler. This is just perfect. I haven’t tried it yet but it looks sturdy and it’s too cute.
  • Luke’s Non-Slip Coasters (Pack of 4). Also too cute! I need a coffee table so I can show these off!
  • Coffee Sample from the Stars Hollow Coffee Club “Oy! With the SnickerPoodles Already”: Yes, it’s snickerdoodles flavored! *heart eyes emoji* See the next box for a flavor review 😉
  • Price: $34.90 USD +shipping 
  • Discount Code: PRETTYGEEKERY for 10% off your first purchase*

Stars Hollow Coffee Club

Finally, I opened the Stars Hollow Coffee Club box. It smelled delicious! Also, the design of the box is the prettiest I’ve seen.

  • It came with a super cute mug full of Gilmore Girls quotes.


  • Luke’s No-Nonsense Special 8oz (227g). A medium roast coffee blend with a full-body, citrus fruit and honey notes, sparkling acidity, a clean finish.
  • Oy! With The SnickerPoodles Already 8oz (227g). This cinnamon and sugar tasting coffee will surely shut up a person that is talking non-stop and will have you smiling every time you brew a pot.

Okay, first of all, the names for both coffee grounds are perfect. Second of all, they’re actually really good! First I tried Luke’s No-Nonsense Special since I was craving “normal” coffee, and it did satisfy my cravings. It wasn’t too strong or acidic, just a nice smelling comfy drink. I especially liked the acidity level since it was just in the middle (perfect for my weak stomach, haha).

Then this morning my boyfriend and I had a cup of SnickerPoodles and we loved it! This one was our favorite from the two, we could taste the cinnamon without it being overpowering. Also, I normally add half a teaspoon of sugar to my coffee, but this one didn’t need it because it was already sweet (but not too sweet!)

Both blends and this subscription box were a collaboration Lit-Cube x Boca Java. When you go to Boca Java’s site you can create your own box including different blends (right now they have 7 different flavors). Also, for a limited time you get a FREE BAG OF OY! WITH THE SNICKERPOODLES when you subscribe to 2 or more bags. + Aaaaand, a 25% off your first purchase if you use the code POODLE25.

What did you think of these boxes? I fell like both Gilmore Girls boxes give a strong Fall vibe! I can smell pumpkin!

*Disclosure: As of writing this post I’m a Lit-Cube rep, which means I get free subscription boxes in exchange of an unboxing on my Instagram. I don’t get paid by Lit-Cube, I’m not obliged to review their boxes and all the comments are my own! 🙂


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