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Inaccurate Book Covers – T5W

Some inaccurate book covers that don’t fit with the story inside…

I recently found out about the Top 5 Wednesday group on Goodreads and I wanted to join in the fun :D! Today’s theme has to do with book covers that are misleading, that don’t have anything to do with the story or whose artwork makes you feel bad because the book is actually really good.

halloween-book-miss-peregrines1) The creepiest part about this book is the cover.

I know I’ve said it before, but honestly, Miss Peregrine’s cover made me believe that the book was going to be AT LEAST a little bit dark or creepy or have some scary background… But it ended up being an average fantasy/supernatural adventure. They say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but they never tell you that it’s because you will be disappointed with the content inside.


summerlong2) This book was definitely summer-long.

Because it took me weeks to finish it. Summerlong looks like a high fantasy novel, they even say on the cover that it’s from ‘The author of the Last Unicorn’. So I obviously expected an adventure filled with magic or a whimsical read about this girl on the cover. But what I got was this kinda boring story about a middle aged couple that sometimes gets to interact with the apparently magical girl. It has magic at the end and a beautiful prose, but it was not what I expected.


43) This one looks so boring.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have dull covers like this one that make people think Jane Austen books are boring. I’m lucky I picked up Emma in spite of its cover because the story is really fun, interesting and entertaining. It’s basically like reading a chick flick (I mean, the movie Clueless is loosely based on this book). I wish more publishers came with new covers and made them more fun and less like they are a required book for school. I think that would make some people more likely to pick classic books.


beautiful-darkness4) Beautiful artwork and dark content.

This one is a cute watercolored graphich novel about a princess guiding her people in a horrible survival journey. I should have known better. With a title like Beautiful Darkness, it doesn’t matter if the cover is super cute, because the story still traumatized me. I don’t want to say too much about this short graphic novel to not give away spoilers, but let me say that the story focuses on surviving under extreme circumstances and how these conditions bring out the worst in everyone. (Literally the worst. I actually had to close the book for a while because I couldn’t stand the violence).


game-of-thrones5) Where are my cheesy fantasy covers?

I’m a big A song of Ice and Fire fan. I read the series in e-book format so I could carry the 800+ pages monsters everywhere. And even if sometimes I buy the hardcover edition after reading  the e-book (just to have it in my bookshelf and contemplate it with love), I haven’t felt like buying any of the Game of Thrones books because the covers look so bland. As a fan of cheesy fantasy covers, which actually depict the magic and the badass heroes inside, I kind of hate the current minimalist covers. They don’t show the (let’s accept it) cheesy aspects of the story. Like badass teenagers wearing black, a dragon queen and giant wolves. 

What are some books with misleading covers? Or covers that don’t make justice to the amazing story inside? I definitely want to give an honorable mention to books with the MOVIE poster as cover. They are so ugly!


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  1. booksbeforebandaids

    Miss Peregrine’s looks so creepy, but I have heard a lot of people say that it really isn’t at all. Your choices are great. Here’s mine:

  2. Jessica

    I think the covers of the Jane Austen books have to do with when they were originally published…it would look totally different if they came out today. *shudders* As for Miss Peregrine…I wonder if the artist created the cover without reading the book?

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