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How to get out of a reading slump

Every book lover knows that there’s no way to prevent the feared and dreaded… Reading Slump *cue Beethoven’s 5th Symphony*

But I know there are many ways to fight it!

Here are five tried-and-true methods to get out of a reading slump 🙂


1. Switch genres 

Reading slumps mostly show up after/during a particularly tiring read. If you just finished something like the complete Song of Ice and Fire series you will probably be overloaded with information. You will also be so jaded by the complex fantasy world that you will feel like a very stuffed person who is being offered more food.

In this case the best approach is to choose a book in a completely different genre. Something that won’t remind you of Game of Thrones at all, without fantasy, politics or murder. You could try picking up a contemporary book with a lot of romance and comedy. Or maybe pick up a thriller or a light novella.

2. Set the mood

Sometimes you want to read but you don’t feel like reading… I understand that feeling very well. It’s like when you want to watch a new show but you are too lazy to commit to 7 seasons. And then one day you start watching it and you can’t stop until you are already on Season 5 in just a weekend…

If you set the mood and convince yourself to read just a little, you might find out that you are ready to commit to a whole book!

Pick your favorite genre, make some tea, choose a warm blanket or a fresh spot by the window and enjoy your reading experience.

3. Reread

This is the easiest way to start reading again because nothing beats nostalgia. Choose a book from your childhood or a good old favorite and let nostalgia do the rest.

Before you can notice you will be immersed in the Harry Potter universe again or in love with Prince Charmont from Ella Echanted.  One you pick your rhythm it will be easy to jump to new books.

4. Treat yourself

If you are not a re-reader and don’t want to switch from your favorite genre, the best way to proceed is to fall for the hype. There’s always a new book or series that you really want get into because the movie is coming out, the cover is too pretty or everyone is talking about it. And maybe you have refrained from buying it because you already have an infinite TBR list.

But desperate times call for desperate measures, right? If you really want read it, more than any of the books you already own, then go for it. There’s a chance you will like it so much it will inspire you to keep reading books by the same author, or you will hate it so much that you will want to read something else to satisfy the itch.

Also, don’t forget that you don’t have to buy books. You can visit your local library!

5. Watch a movie

If none of the above can make you read again, then don’t read. Go make some popcorn, curl up in your blanket and launch Netflix.

There are many options there that can inspire you to read again.

You can either watch a movie based on a book (there are hundreds of them), a movie with a bookworm protagonist (or a series? I know Rory from Gilmore Girls inspired me to read Moby Dick), or a bio movie about an author. 

Just use Netflix’s search function and type Jane Austen, Capote or whatever you feel like watching. You might get a good recommendation. Another way to find movies is to use Google and look for the bookish catalog for your country. Like in this article from BookRiot!

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