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Emma by Jane Austen Review

Have you ever felt like reading a classic book but also wanted a fun chick-flick kind of novel?

Then you should totally read Emma by Jane Austen!

Emma Jane Austen ReviewEmma is a young, rich, clever and beautiful heroine. She is kinda spoiled and stubborn, and is always playing the matchmaker among her friends. And she actually does it well, at least until Harriet enters the picture. If you have ever watched a chick-flick movie about a popular girl giving a makeover to a less popular girl and trying to ‘control her‘ after, well, you know what happens next. 

Harriet’s love life is not as easy to arrange as Emma expected, but she won’t give up. Emma will insist on finding a worthy suitor for her friend and no one, not even her dear friend and adviser Mr. Knightley, will make her give up.

This novel is half comedy (with a bunch of satire), half romance and makes a great comfort read. Even if Emma is a little too obstinate sometimes, she’s charming and witty enough to be likable (or at least bearable).


  1. You are a Jane Austen fan: If you read and loved Pride and Prejudice (or loved the movie), you should totally give Emma a try. A lot of people, myself included, actually liked Emma more than her other more than her other books.
  2. You enjoy chick-flicks: For me, Emma is the ultimate ‘girly’ book. It has romance, friendship, comedy, witty comebacks, swoon-worthy guys, a heroine finding out what she wants, and more romance.
  3. You like ‘comedies of manners’: You know, the kind of comedy that is satire in disguise, making fun of the exaggerated manners of certain social classes that often conclude in scandals. (And by scandal I mean marrying someone slightly less rich).
  4. You enjoy historial period dramas like Downton Abbey: Just imagine that the characters in Emma are part of the Crawley family. Can you picture Lady Rose playing the matchmaker and trying to form couples everywhere? But at the same time, never finding the right man for her…? Well, that’s Emma Woodhouse! 

Do you like Jane Austen’s books? Which one is your favorite? I’ve read Emma, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. I’m taking recommendations on what to read next! 🙂

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  1. Jessica

    If I’m not mistaken, the movie Clueless was based on Emma – not many people are aware of that. 🙂 I wasn’t myself until recently. Anyhow, Emma is one of my favorite books as she’s such a flawed person that still manages to grow and change.

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