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DIY Wall Decoration Butterflies

My computer desk is facing a wall, which means I find myself staring at it countless times during the day. I wanted to decorate it with something cute but without using nails… And the answer came to me in the shape of a block of construction paper.

I finished this project after two hours -of feeling back in kindergarten-, going from a boring white wall to a kinda chic and cute space. I decided to share this DIY wall decoration project with you because it was honestly so easy! I hope you find it inspiring 🙂

DIY Wall Decoration butterflies1 DIY Wall Decoration butterflies2 DIY Wall Decoration butterflies3 DIY Wall Decoration butterflies4


  1. When I decided I wanted butterflies -I had other ideas, like 3D hearts or little birds- I looked for pictures of butterflies in my iPad. I placed a sheet of paper on the screen and started outlining with a pencil. I only outlined one half, since butterflies are symmetrical.
  2. I made a stencil by cutting the butterfly outline. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can cut different shapes and sizes. I went with three sizes of the same shape.
  3. The most difficult step was choosing the color of the paper. One of my favorite ideas was making a pink to purple gradient with the butterflies. But then I remembered this beautiful butterfly dress from Kate Spade and it inspired me to go with black paper. –It has some glitter, though 😉 -. I used my stencil to draw half of the butterfly over the paper.
  4. Then I folded the paper in half, making sure that I was folding exactly on the line I drew with the stencil. This way I could cut two symmetrical wings.
  5. It’s about to open its wings!
  6. There you go.
  7. I folded the paper again, this time a couple of milometers from the center. Look how the wings don’t match when folded anymore. Do this folding thing with both wings to create two parallel lines. I used the antennae as a guide to know where to fold.
  8. It should look like this after folding.
  9. I used washi tape because I’m love with it. But I guess any tape would work. I rolled a piece of tape to make a little cylinder.
  10. And pasted the tape carefully on the flat side of the butterfly, right in the middle.
  11. After repeating these steps 28 times I began sticking the butterflies to the wall. My finger was too chubby to press them carefully so I used an eraser.
  12. And ready! I tried to mix some bigger butterflies and a couple of tiny ones for a more ‘natural’ look. Maybe I’ll add more later to make them reach the ceiling. The washi tape seems to be working since it’s been a couple of hot days and the butterflies haven’t flown -or fallen- anywhere. I did use more tape for the bigger ones.

DIY Butterfly wall art

Isn’t it super easy? And it looks so cute. What do  you think? I guess some pink butterflies would look great around my window. Or maybe some butterfrees

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  1. Mikaella

    Ahhhh! You’re giving me diabolical ideas for my new room, nicely done! And that megane Pikachu tho <3

    • Celeste

      Thank you! I’m glad it gives you diabolical ideas :D! I liked the butterflies so much I want them in every room, hahaha

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