Bookish Cross-stitch: Bilbo Baggins

I adopted cross-stitch as a hobby because I’m sure I’m an old lady inside and thought I might like it. Of course I did!

But soon enough I discovered that this was not an old lady activity at all. Cross-stitching is so fun and relaxing, and a great way to display pixel art around the house!

Once I started looking at it this way, I knew I had to make a piece inspired by one of my favorite books. And that’s how I came with this pattern of Bilbo Baggins (the greatest little hobbit of them all).the-hobbit-cross-stitch-finished-1

I made this little pattern by painting cells on a spreadsheet and adding line and row numbers to use as a guide.

If you want to make your own, just follow this pattern!

The materials needed are:

    • A piece of cloth with at least 45×48 squares to stitch (I recommend leaving a margin of at least 5 squares, in case you want to frame it later)
    • A sewing needle
    • Embroidery floss x6 colors (Black, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Yellow and Whatever Color You Want To Use For The Skin)
    • Scissors
    • Patience 

And that’s it! I like to start by stitching the outline, but you can pick any part of the drawing and start counting the squares.


For example, the line at the very top of Bilbo’s head is composed of 6 black squares in a row. You can count the white squares before that black row (there are 17). Once you have that first row stitched, the rest will be easier to position.

You can also  print the image to highlight the squares or mark them with a pen.

As soon as I finished this piece I started planning a second one. I would like to hang a towel in my kitchen with Bilbo’s famous quote ‘Out of the Frying-Pan, Into the Fire’. Maybe including some goblins and a warg…

What do you think? Do you like cross-stitching? Will you try some bookish pixel art in your cloths and towels? 🙂

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