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Talk about books

Characters I used to love

Let's talk about those book characters that we once loved but now we don't.  Today's Top 5 (from the T5W Goodreads group) is about characters that we loved the first time we read the book, but then we didn't. They might have changed, we might have changed or maybe we just outgrew them because we are so much more mature now. 

I Will Never Read These Books

I know that saying "I will never read these books" is a big statement.  Especially because I clearly remember that I once said "I will never read a book with a shirtless guy in the cover". And then City of Bones came out with, you know what?... A shirtless guy in the cover! And of course I didn't want to miss out on the most popular YA paranormal dystopia of the moment, so I broke my own promise to me. I went against all that is sacred to me* and bought the E-BOOK (because of course I wasn't going to disgrace my bookshelf with that guy's bare chest). And from that moment I can't really trust myself whenever I say I will never do something**. So, take the following list with a grain of salt. *Not really. **And by the way. I didn't like City of Bones, so that partly unclad body in the cover wasn't even worth it. 

Misleading Book Synopses

Today's Top 5 Wednesday was supposed to be about synopses that made us think the book was totally different. But I don't think that has happened to me, especially because I either read books without knowing anything about them, or I read hundreds of reviews before even buying the book. There's no middle ground. Instead I decided to make a little game where I write a misleading synopsis for a popular book, and you guys can try to guess which book I'm talking about :D Ready? Go! (There's a picture with the answers at the end)

Spooky Book Settings

Today's Top 5 is all about Halloween because the theme is Spooky Book Settings (*imagine ghost noises here*). And, you know what? A spooky setting doesn't necessarily come from a horror book.  You can get scared by a violent crime scene, or when your favorite character gets lost at night or when a totalitarian government spies…