Talk about books

The book that made me love reading

or Why I Tell People My First Book Was Harry Potter, Even Though It Wasn't. (P.S. There's a Giveaway at the end of this post). In fifth grade - when I was around 10 years old - the teacher asked us to read a book with more than a hundred pages, so we could write…

Misleading Book Synopses (Part 2)

Remember that one time I made a Guess the book game? (Because I remember so well!)* Since it was so fun, I made a second part! If you think you know your books, go read these very misleading synopses I wrote for very popular novels ;) Let me know if you guess the real book! Ready? Go! There's a picture with the answers at the end * Ohana means family. It means nothing we do together gets forgotten.

Why I don’t rate books

If you have read my blog/Instagram reviews you know that I never rate books. I try to be impartial and just highlight the good and the bad.    But years ago, when I discovered the magic of Goodreads, a place where I could keep track of books, and rate and review them, I fell into a…

Book series that got worse

Today's Top 5 Wednesday topic is about books that we liked and got us excited to read the sequels... only to disappoint us. Sometimes I dropped the series and sometimes I decided to suffered through it, either because my curiosity kept me going or because I had already bought the book. What do you do when you start disliking a series? And what's your Top 5? :D