The good and bad thing about being friends with me is that, most of the time, I give books as gifts.* But I think that after all these years of practice, I have learned how to choose the perfect book for everyone. And if not the perfect book, at least something they will actually read and…

Comfort books to read with a hot drink

Autumn is here and I can't wait to get in bed with a blanket and read books! And you know what goes perfect with books and blankets?  - Of course you know, this is like every reader's favorite setting. But I'm going to say it anyway- a delicious hot drink... Here's my list of ten comfort books to read with a hot drink in hand :)

Author Recommendation: José Saramago

When I first read Blindnes, by the Portuguese writer José Saramago, I literally felt part of his book. I felt the anxiety, the fear and the hunger and, while reading in the kitchen, for a moment I believed that everyone in my city was blind just like in his novel. Those few seconds of mixing reality with a book turned me into a Saramago fan forever.  The Nobel Prize winner always puts a little magic in his works, and a lot of thought.

That's why I wanted to recommend you my favorite books from this author.