Comfort books to read with a hot drink

Autumn is here and I can't wait to get in bed with a blanket and read books! And you know what goes perfect with books and blankets?  - Of course you know, this is like every reader's favorite setting. But I'm going to say it anyway- a delicious hot drink... Here's my list of ten comfort books to read with a hot drink in hand :)

Author Recommendation: José Saramago

When I first read Blindnes, by the Portuguese writer José Saramago, I literally felt part of his book. I felt the anxiety, the fear and the hunger and, while reading in the kitchen, for a moment I believed that everyone in my city was blind just like in his novel. Those few seconds of mixing reality with a book turned me into a Saramago fan forever.  The Nobel Prize winner always puts a little magic in his works, and a lot of thought.

That's why I wanted to recommend you my favorite books from this author.

6 wonderfully narrated audiobooks

I used to consider audiobooks as cheating at books. Because people can start wandering, checking their phone, while the poor narrator tells the story for no one in particular. And at the end they get to say they have read the book, even if they weren't mentally present half of the time...

But, like with most things in my life, I gave it a try and ended up loving the thing I made fun of.

Of course, listening to a book is not the same as reading it, but I think in some cases the narrators are so wonderful they turn the same story into something else. Something worth of feeling ready to sleep while being read by a loved one.

These six audiobooks are on my wishlist right now, since their narrators are so great at reading the stories that I won't miss reading them myself. 

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