I made a list with my favorite creppy, scary and not-so-scary books to read for Halloween!

Do you like to read seasonally? Reading adventures and love stories during summer, scary books in October and cozy, heartwarming novels around Christmas? 

Because I do! And it’s awesome. Nothing like the correct atmosphere to curl up with a book and picture myself inside a story.

Especially if the story involves monsters or serial killers that might appear on my front door because it’s Halloween…

So, without further ado, I present you my list of seasonal recommendations! Classified in categories that I just made up 🙂


Weirdly Relatable Gothic Classic (or Has Science Gone Too Far?)

If you feel like reading something creepy to celebrate Halloween but you also want to read a classic book, Frankenstein is the answer. I must warn you that the novel won’t give you the typical green, blabbering monster. Pick it up to read about a disfigured and intelligent man created and abandoned by a mad scientist. He’s also angry and confused and desperate to discover the meaning of his weird life.


Cool Monsters Like In Animehalloween-book-this-savage-song

As I mentioned in my review for This Savage Song, this is a dark urban fantasy with a touch of Death Note. It has soul-eating monsters hanging out with humans, assassins turning into monstrosities and a mystery to be solved: Are monsters the worst thing in the city? Or humans themselves are the real treat? If you are looking for a YA book, I would say pick up this one from this list.



halloween-book-uprootedCreepy Woods Are Awesome

First of all, ‘Creepy Woods’ should definitely be considered a book genre. Anyone looking for a dark fairy tale with the creepiest wood ever should pick up Uprooted. What I liked the most about this book was the atmosphere. It made me feel surrounded by dreary creatures and mad trees and that incredible kind of magic that you can only find in the dark.



Thriller With The Devilhalloween-book-rosemarys-baby

I read Rosemary’s baby as an adult and remember thinking “I should stop reading” and, of course, I didn’t stop until midnight. I also remember that I couldn’t sleep and, when I finally fell sleep, I had nightmares. So of course I had to recommend it. It’s funny that this book is not especially horrifying or gory, but it was the hopelessness what made me lose sleep. Picture a pregnant woman whose neighbors act like satanists and whose husband won’t believe her or let her go anywhere. Poor Rosemary. 


halloween-book-miss-peregrinesNot At All Scary (But With Some Creepy Pictures)

For those who don’t like horror, gore or anything scary Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is the right choice. As I mentioned in my review, the black and white pictures were kinda creepy and cool to look at, but the story is actually fantasy with a bit of paranormal. It is a light read that feels more like a superhero origins story than a scary or creepy tale.


This Could Happen To Youhalloween-book-misery

Something that I find incredibly scary, either in books or movies, are horror stories where absolutely nothing paranormal happens. You know, those stories about serial killers and kidnappers whose main trait is their madness. They are so realistic, so related to real life that they send shivers down my spine because that could actually happen. IN REAL LIFE. Like in Misery where a crazy serial killer/fangirl keeps her favorite author captive and tortures him until he writes her a book. I swear I almost felt physical pain while reading some chapters.


halloween-book-poeI Don’t Have Any Free Time But I Want To Read

My new favorite book category. If you don’t have a lot of time to commit to a complete book, I recommend Poe’s short stories. They are just a couple of pages long, fun and creepy. And I think that’s the true meaning of Halloween. Even better is that most stories are free to read online, so you can just google The Tell-Tale Heart or The Black Cat and you will be ready to be freaked out!


What do you think? Have you read some of these Halloween choices? (Or tried to read them before running away scared…) Do you have any other creepy recommendations? 🙂 Let me know in the comments!

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