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If you are a seasonal reader like me, you probably are looking for a Christmas-y book, full of winter, polar bears and snow… Well, here’s are my top 5 books for Christmas :D!

If you want to read an illustrated children’s book:

I just got The Polar Express because I had never read it before. It is a really short but cute book and the illustrations are lovely, as is the message of the story. (And now I’m ready to watch the movie!).

If you want to read a longer children’s book:

Definitely read Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King. I got it because I loved the Rise of the Guardians movie and wanted to see their origins, and of course I started with Santa :). It is a short read with an interesting back story. It feels more aimed at children than the movie, but it’s still entertaining.

If you want to read a Young Adult book:

Okay, I still haven’t finished The Golden Compass (because I’m listening to the audiobook and IT LASTS FOREVER) but I know it’s really cool, it is part of a popular and well-loved series and, as you can see in the cover, it features this ‘polar bear’ (actually a daemon) and snow!

If you want to read an Adult Fantasy book:

I recently wrote a review about The Bear and the Nightingale (that you can read here). This book is not only full of magic and winter, but it has a certain creepiness that can only be found in folklore. I loved the medieval Russian setting and even if some of the DEMONS(!) scared me a little bit, it was a great book to read under the blankets by the lights of the Christmas tree.

If you want to read a short story:

If you already picked your monthly reads and don’t want to commit to another full book, I recommend reading The Gift by Ray Bradbury. This is one of my favorite short stories! It is a couple of pages long AND it is really lovely. The story is about a family that spends Christmas in a rocket but they are forced to leave the kid’s gift behind because it’s too heavy. (You can find this story by googling the title or you can read it here 🙂).

Do you have a favorite Christmas or Winter book? I’m taking recommendations 😀 (especially if they are fantasy or science fiction).

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  1. Jessica

    I love the Polar Express – and the Golden Compass series is one of my favorites. I’m getting ready to start the Ray Bradbury short story, which I’ll love as he’s one of my favorite writers.

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