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Cool things on the Internet this week So, I got a new agenda and I'm loving it! It's the 17 month agenda and it's super cute (I guess that explains the illustration I made this week! Haha). Did you watch episode 4 of Game of Thrones last Sunday? Because they shared a behind the…
Harry Potter


Last weekend I was checking my Harry Potter wishlist (because I do have a wishlist for every thing I like) and thought it would be fun to share it! Maybe you guys will find something interesting, or might already have the thing! Either way, I hope you have fun staring at cute Harry Potter goodies!…
Book Reviews


Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to write some mini-reviews from time to time, just so I can tell you about the books I read but didn't get a full review on the blog. For example, non-fiction books, or super short books, or genres I don't usually read or books I didn't finish!…